PetFix performs spay/neuter surgeries on cats and dogs, including puppies and kittens over 8 weeks of age or weighing over 2 pounds. Feral cats in managed colonies are welcome.

Rabies shots are required for
all animals not already vaccinated.

PetFix Stationary Clinic Fees

Cat Neuter $40
Cat Spay $60
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter $25

Dog Neuter 60 pounds and under $65
Dog Spay 60 pounds and under $75

Dog Neuter 61-100 pounds $75
Dog Spay 61-100 pounds $85

Dog Neuter over 100 pounds $85
Dog Spay over 100 pounds $95

Rabies Vaccinations $6
DAPPV Vaccinations $6
FVRCP Vaccinations $6

Take home pain medication is included for free.

PetFix Mobile Clinic Fees (effective 4/1/2013)

Cat Neuter  $35
Cat Spay  $45
Feral Cat  $35

Dog Neuter 50 pounds and under  $45
Dog Spay 50 pounds and under  $70

Dog Neuter over 50 pounds  $55
Dog Spay over 50 pounds  $80

Rabies Vaccinations  $6

Feral cats may receive RVRCP vaccines at an additional cost of $2 per cat. PetFix does not perform any other services. Each animal receives a brief physical exam to determine whether it is healthy enough for surgery. At discharge, owners/caregivers are informed of any medical conditions noticed during the exam and are encouraged to take the animal to a local veterinary clinic.


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