PetFix Partners are humane societies, rescues, dog wardens and animal control agencies that work with PetFix Northeast Ohio to provide affordable, accessible spay/neuter surgeries to qualified owners and caregivers in their communities.

PetFix Partners schedule the PetFix Mobile Clinic to come to secure, convenient locations within their service areas on a regular basis. They advertise surgery dates, schedule clients and collect fees.

Dog Wardens/Animal Controls are encouraged to work with PetFix to reduce the populations of free-roaming cats, street dogs, or other animals perceived as a threat to public health, or to alter animals prior to adoption from their facilities. It is our hope, in time, to demonstrate to government agencies that we can help them solve the pet overpopulation problem for considerably less than they are currently spending to pick up, house, and ultimately dispose of homeless animals.

To find out whether a PetFix Partner is scheduling dates in your community, call your local humane society or animal control agency or contact PetFix Northeast Ohio at or 216.536.0930.


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