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On February 23, 2022, PetFix celebrated an incredible milestone, our 100,000th spay/neuter surgery since launching our high-quality, affordable services in 2006.

So, what does 100,000 spay/neuters really mean? It sounds pretty impressive. And our surgeons and staff certainly worked very hard to safely perform so many surgeries. But, what’s really amazing, is the number you can’t see. And that is potentially half a million or even more unplanned and unwanted pets that aren’t forced to live as strays or that end up in shelters where they world risk euthanasia simply because there aren’t enough homes for them. 

What's even more incredible is YOU. You helped make all this possible!


Your generosity over the years and your belief in the power of spay/neuter to save lives has genuinely made a huge difference for so many cats and dogs in our region.


To learn more about your amazing effect on pets, check out our full 2021 Annual Impact Report.

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