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Feral Cat Surgical Recovery Instructions

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Thank you for bringing your free-roaming community cat in for sterilization today. Your concern has helped reduce the burden of cat overpopulation. For today’s surgery, the cat received a long-acting injection of pain medication and anesthesia. These drugs may negatively influence the cat’s behavior, even if the cat appears fully recovered. Consequently, you should monitor cats for 24 to 48 hours following surgery to provide the safest care possible.

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  • Please keep all cats in their traps for 24 hours after surgery, unless otherwise instructed. Cats may appear fully alert and recovered, but the effects of the anesthesia may still be lingering. This provides protection and security for both the cats and people that work with them. If the cat is thrashing or inflicting harm on itself, it may be released sooner. 

  • The cats will be under the effects of anesthesia when they leave our clinic. Please refrain from reaching into the trap/carrier. The cats can overreact and may bite. Anyone who is bitten or scratched should receive immediate medical attention.

  • Give all cats and kittens a small amount of canned cat food once they arrive home. This can be dropped thru the bars of the trap or slid under the door. Feeding helps prevent low blood sugar after surgery.

  • Keep the cats in their traps in a warm, draft-free area such as a bathroom or garage overnight.

  • Normal behaviors that occur during recovery include head bobbing, wobbly movements, shivering, and hypersensitivity to light and sound. 

  • Abnormal behaviors during recovery include difficulty breathing, vomiting more than once, inability to awaken or lift head, bleeding from the surgical incision. Contact us at the phone numbers below if you observe these behaviors.

  • Cats may be released back to where they were trapped the next day, provided they are fully awake and have eaten some food.

Please read the following carefully

If you have any concerns about the recovery of a community cat, please call PetFix right away.

  • During normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am - 3pm) please call 216-732-7040.

  • For questions after hours or on weekends, please call the PetFix after hours advice line at 216-618-7233. At this number you will receive instructions in case of a possible post-operative emergency after hours.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your community cat. If you had a good experience, please tell your friends.

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